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A Guest House located in Akhfenir!
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Explore the Home of La Courbine d’Argent: Center Paul ITALIANO, a Guest House nestled in Akhfenir!

Tribute to Paul

Paul left us on April 14, 2022

He was a lover of Morocco, the Sahara and fishing. La Courbine d’Argent, as he created it and brought it to life for more than 18 years, is the synthesis of an art of living and sharing of which some of you still have unforgettable memories.

Beyond the pain, we, his family and those close to him, feel immense pride in seeing what he was able to build around him.

Explorez l'Accueil de La Courbine d’Argent : Centre Paul ITALIANO, une Maison d'Hôtes nichée à Akhfenir ! Hommage à Paul

This is why, with the same passion and the same values, we decided to continue to bring “Son Petit Paradis” to life.

La Courbine d’Argent continues to welcome you. You will have the opportunity to meet Paul’s daughters, Nathalie and Valérie, as well as his sons-in-law, the two Christophes.

We will keep you regularly informed of life and news at Courbine d’Argent. For him, for you, for us, let’s continue to share beautiful moments in this magical place!

Paul’s family

Découvrez La Courbine d’Argent : Maison d'Hôtes au Centre Paul ITALIANO à Akhfenir !

Discover La Courbine d’Argent: Guest House at the Paul ITALIANO Center in Akhfenir!​

Welcome to La Courbine d'Argent, Center Paul ITALIANO, a Guest House located in Akhfenir!

Located on a beach near the Khnifiss National Park in the Moroccan Sahara, between desert and ocean, our charming Guest House offers direct access to the sea. We are ideally located 100 km south of Tan-Tan and north of Tarfaya, making us a pleasant stopover on the road to the Provinces of southern Morocco.

Come and recharge your batteries and get away from it all in an authentic setting where you can enjoy the different types of fishing offered by the Center Paul ITALIANO. The famous cliffs of Akhfenir, the magnificent Lagoon of Naïla listed by UNESCO, as well as shore fishing around the center will delight beginners and enthusiasts.

Découvrez La Courbine d’Argent : Maison d'Hôtes au Centre Paul ITALIANO à Akhfenir !

In addition to our fishing activities, you will have the opportunity to live unique experiences by taking advantage of the numerous outings in the heart of the desert that our beautiful place offers.

The La Courbine d’Argent team will welcome you with warm, family hospitality. You will share friendly and tasty meals that will make you feel at home.

Prepare for an unforgettable getaway where relaxation, exploration and sharing will be there. We look forward to welcoming you to our sunny oasis of La Courbine d’Argent.

CHAMBRE Découvrez La Courbine d’Argent : Maison d'Hôtes au Centre Paul ITALIANO à Akhfenir !
Our Guest House Offers in Akhfenir: Fishing, Restaurant and 4x4 Excursions
Our services
La Courbine d’Argent !
Our services in Akhfenir: restaurant, 4x4 base and fishing activities

Authentic Cuisine

Savor authentic and delectable cuisine prepared from fresh, quality ingredients, while enjoying the magnificent view of the ocean from our table d'hôtes.

Explore the Region in 4X4

Explore the region in a 4X4 from La Courbine d'Argent! Nestled between Agadir and Dakhla, our stage guarantees you closed and secure parking for your vehicles.

Les prestations offertes par notre Maison d'Hôtes à Akhfenir incluent un restaurant, une base 4x4 et des activités de pêche.

Unique Fishing Experiences

Peaches: Immerse yourself in this emblematic fishing technique of the region, taking place between Tan-Tan and Tarfaya, and benefit from an exceptional panoramic view from the cliffs of Akhfenir.

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