Centre Paul Italiano
A Guest House located in Akhfenir!
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Maison d'hôtes

Explore the Home of La Courbine d’Argent: Center Paul ITALIANO, a Guest House nestled in Akhfenir!


Our table d’hôtes, offering a magnificent view of the ocean, invites you every day to savor authentic and delicious cuisine, prepared from fresh, quality products.

Immerse yourself in the rich traditional Moroccan gastronomy with emblematic dishes such as Couscous, the various Tajines (chicken, fish, camel, lamb, beef, cuttlefish) and a selection of dishes based on fresh fish. You will be transported by the exquisite flavors and captivating spices of this renowned cuisine.

To vary the pleasures, our table d’hôtes also offers Italian, Spanish and French culinary specialties, which will delight the most gourmet palates.

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services UNE CUISINE AUTHENTIQUE Les prestations offertes par notre Maison d'Hôtes à Akhfenir incluent un restaurant, une base 4x4 et des activités de pêche.


Explore the region in 4X4 from La Courbine d’Argent! Ideally located in marocco between Agadir and Dakhla, our stopover offers you a closed and secure parking for your vehicles.

After a day of adventure, enjoy a friendly evening around a delicious meal. Our team will be happy to prepare tasty dishes that will delight your taste buds.

The next morning, start the day in style with a good breakfast. You will be ready to hit the road again to explore the region, its many trails and its marvelous sand dunes. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara awaits you!

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Discover the different fishing experiences at La Courbine d’Argent!

Cliff Fishing: This emblematic fishing of the region, between Tan-Tan and Tarfaya, offers you a breathtaking view from the cliffs of Akhfenir. Bringing your fish up to a height of 20 to 30 meters is a real challenge that promises unique sensations. You may be lucky enough to catch Croakers, Sars, Rays, Bass and Speckled Wolves. However, this fishing is recommended for beginners due to its complexity.

Fishing on the Naïla Lagoon (UNESCO Natural Heritage): Sail in a boat and enjoy fishing in the magnificent Naïla Lagoon. Open all year round, this lagoon is home to a wide diversity of species such as Croakers, Speckled Wolves, Royal Sea Breams, Sars, Guitar Rays, Monkfish, Soles, Snorers, Congers and Bass depending on the seasons. A magical moment awaits you, and at mealtime, we offer you a picnic in the dunes, with your feet in the water. This fishing is accessible to everyone, from experienced to beginners, adults and children.

Surf casting fishing: On all the beaches of Akhfenir and at the Naïla Lagoon, experience surf casting fishing. You will be able to catch a variety of species depending on the period and the bait, such as Sar, Croaker, Bream, Speckled Wolf and Bass.

Pelota Fishing: This ancient technique, brought from northern Morocco, is reserved for initiates because of its complexity and subtlety. Do it preferably during high tides to access the rocky plateaus. The species caught are Sars, Mullets, Saupes, Basses and Speckled Wolves.

Fishing on Foot: Take advantage of the beaches, tides, rocks and open seabeds for great fishing on foot. Depending on the periods and the tide coefficients, you can collect mussels, whelks, fish for shrimp, curry combs, octopus and spider crabs. This fishing can be practiced along the entire length of the beach located at the foot of La Silver Croaker.

Join us to experience exceptional fishing moments in unique and preserved places.

Les prestations offertes par notre Maison d'Hôtes à Akhfenir incluent un restaurant, une base 4x4 et des activités de pêche.


Discover the treasures around La Courbine d’Argent!

The Akhfenir region – Khnifiss National Park: Explore the archaeologists’ paradise in the Akhfenir region, notably thanks to the Khnifiss National Park. You will be enchanted by the historical discoveries and fascinating remains.

Ornithological observatory on the Naïla Lagoon: Ornithology enthusiasts will be delighted to discover a dedicated observatory on the Naïla Lagoon. Take the opportunity to observe and recognize the many species of birds that inhabit this unique ecosystem.

The “Devil’s Hole” near the village of Akhfenir: Coming from the North, just before arriving at the village of Akhfenir, you cannot miss the “Devil’s Hole”. This natural curiosity is a chasm dug by the waves, about thirty meters in diameter. The powerful sound of the waves amplified by this hole makes the place unforgettable.

Antoine Saint-Exupéry Museum – Tarfaya (formerly called “Cap Juby”): 100 km south of La Courbine d’Argent, between Akhfenir and Laayoune, be sure to stop at the “Antoine de Saint-Exupéry” Museum. You will discover numerous series of images and documents which bear witness to the adventures of Aéropostale and Antoine Saint-Exupéry. A captivating getaway for lovers of history and literature.

Take advantage of these exciting excursions near La Courbine d’Argent to explore the cultural and natural wealth of the region.